Why Private School?

Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, I didn’t know anyone who went to private school.  There were only two private schools that I was aware of.  And there certainly wasn’t a state-organized effort to obtain scholarships that provide equitable opportunities for all students, like we have in Florida today. 

We are blessed to be in a state that values education and parent choice; they are each important and inseparable.  As a private school principal, I have heard parents share why they have considered private school education for their child.  Here are three big reasons that maybe you can relate to:

Shared Values:

Many families grieve over the state of our nation in terms of morals and values, especially thinking about what is promoted on social media.  Some parents are fearful thinking about how they can ensure that their values are cutting through everything else to take root in their child.  Children who attend a brick-and-mortar school spend most of their waking hours there, and even more so if they attend aftercare.  Who is the influencer during these hours and what is the message?  Families who choose private school are looking to have their values promoted during the school day while they are away from their child.


While great teachers at public schools can do great things for their students, simply the size of the school and the district makes some things impossible.  Some parents pursing private school are looking for a more customized approach for their student.  A smaller organization with less red tape may allow for more out-of-the-box thinking and a more flexible approach to student learning while maintaining high academic standards.


Private school is a great option for many families, but there are negatives such as distance and related transportation and schedule challenges.  These highlight the commitment that private school parents have in their chosen school option; they didn’t end up there based on geography or convenience.  Parents prefer for their students to be in class with other kids whose parents are just as committed to their educational choice as they are, parents who are committed to a better outcome for their child. 

Whatever your reasons, we encourage you to visit schools and ask questions as you consider private school for your student.  Maybe GraceWay is the right fit for your family?  Let’s find out!  Contact me at Admin@GraceWayAcademy.org to begin the conversation.