Bible, Fine Art, Foreign Language & P.E.

Our students in kindergarten and above participate in weekly special subjects to enrich their school experience by allowing them to develop their talents and deepen their understanding of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Fine Arts: Music and Visual Arts

Early exposure to music is not only enjoyable, but helps children in the classroom, too. Building on the love of music that began in our early learning music experiences where music and movement were combined, students in kindergarten and above switch to a class format that also includes theory and appreciation. This is done as an interactive experience that engages the whole child. At our various parent programs throughout the year, our students present different prepared choral pieces as an offering to God.

In Visual Arts classes, our students explore with a mix of product and process art. A variety of artistic techniques are used to develop their skills and appreciation of the visual arts through the use of different mediums such as tempera, watercolors, Papier Mache, oil pastels, pencil, and markers. Famous artists and their methods are explored as well. 3D projects are also created with traditional mediums as well as items found in nature to encourage students to think outside of the box with their creativity.

Foreign Language: Spanish

There is significant benefit to early development of a second language in children. At GraceWay Academy, children learn the Spanish language from a qualified language instructor. We begin with early vocabulary building in kindergarten and progress to verb conjugation and conversation in the upper grades. Our students learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish.

Physical Education

To encourage an active lifestyle, our students participate in traditional physical education activities. This class teaches basic sports skills as well as good sportsmanship through participation in kickball, basketball, softball, and similar sports. In calisthenics, the use of your own body weight for exercise, the students engage in strengthening and flexibility exercises. Physical fitness is discussed as a way that we honor God with the gift of a healthy body.

Bible & Family Chapel

In Bible class students learn about their Creator through weekly interactive, hands-on retelling of the biblical story. In our younger grades, each weekly lesson ties into the chapel message as well.

Our upper grades participate in a Bible study. Weekly reading, either on their own or during regular classroom time, prepares them to engage in conversation about the lesson with the pastor and their classmates. Learning in this format is important in developing logic and reasoning skills as well as building a biblical worldview as a foundation for life.

All of our students attend chapel in the Grace Presbyterian Church sanctuary where they learn to worship their Heavenly Father as we are all called to do. Generally, this time includes music and a message. This early experience in chapel is an important part of developing their Christian faith. We invite our families to join us for weekly chapel at 9:05 am on Fridays.