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“Show me Your Way that I may know You and find Grace in Your sight.” Exodus 33:13
GraceWay Academy is a ministry of Grace Presbyterian Church

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Welcome To GraceWay!

Welcome! If you are learning about GraceWay for the first time, we’re glad you’re here. We hope that our website is a good first point of contact in answering your questions, but we would love to meet you and your child. We view our parents as partners as we work together to help your child learn and grow. God has created each of us to be unique, making a one-size-fits-all approach ineffective. Our staff will get to know your child to determine the best ways to reach and teach them –not just academically, but with concern for their spiritual and social/emotional development as well. We look forward to meeting you soon!

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Mission Statement

Our goal is to help students succeed in school and honor God by living out their faith. We create a learning environment that focuses on both academic excellence and spiritual growth; by combining our strong educational programs and our lessons on faith, we give students the skills to do well in life while staying true to their faith.

We do our best to help our students. We are…


By the glory of God and His perfect Word.


In the academic and spiritual growth of our students.


By our partnerships with our families and the greater community.


To lead and serve others.

Take the First Step Toward A Faith-Filled Education

“Show me Your Way that I may know You and find Grace in Your sight.” Exodus 33:13

Messages From Our Community


From Our Parents...

“Wonderful school!! Loving staff that share the word of Jesus to all who come. The teachers and administration team are genuine. My daughter went to school there and my son currently attends school there. I would highly recommend this school to anyone who is looking for a place that has a quality education as well as teachers who love their students and families!”

...And Our Teachers

“As a former parent and a current teacher…this school offers such a positive atmosphere to learn in. My children learned songs and skills that have helped them in their school career. Parents and teachers work well together to be sure a child’s experience is a good one.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is required for enrollment?

New families will complete the FACTS link under the Admissions section of the website and meet with our principal. Potential students will participate in GraceWay for a Day, a one or two day visitation on campus, and a brief assessment to determine their reading, writing, and math competency. 

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Open enrollment begins each January for the following school year. Applications are reviewed and then accepted through rolling admissions on a space-available basis.

Our Mission is: Preparing students for academic success while glorifying God through faith in action. One way that we live out our faith is to share it with others that they may come to love Jesus, too, and accept Him as their savior. Developing and strengthening our students’ faith is one of our favorite aspects of life at our school.

Our teachers integrate a biblical worldview into their teaching and make the most of teachable moments to help students connect the Bible to real life. All students have Bible class as a part of the curriculum. Family Chapel for all students is held each Friday.

For more information on our programs, please contact our office at (352) 629-4523

Throughout the year, we provide our students with opportunities to participate in various service projects in the community such as food and toiletry drives, donating their time to local foster families organizations, partnering with our church, Grace Presbyterian Church, and special events here on campus.


Student Council

Students will gain experience in the election process as they campaign for positions and hold elections to select leaders. Class representatives and elected leaders will learn about communicating with their constituents regarding aspects of campus life and leading projects to benefit all students.

Art Club

In Art Club students will have the opportunity to explore special mediums that may not be practical during a regular art class. This time allows students more time to develop their talent for visual arts under the guidance of our art teacher. Art Club meets for ten weekly sessions per semester in two age groups.


Students will engage in a wide range of drills, skills and games to help develop each student’s skill level and fun in the game of basketball. Two short semester sessions may be offered.


Enroll your upper school student in an after school soccer clinic. Students will focus on specific skill building, culminating in a tournament at the end of the year. The clinic will run 10-12 weekly sessions per semester.


Like 4‑H programs around the country, students complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and civic engagement with guidance from our adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.


Our chorus club meets weekly and is a great choice for students who love to sing and desire to grow their talents.

Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club gives students experience in print media publishing. This group will work toward the completion of the yearbook throughout the school year. Students will gain experience in photography, computer design, and writing creatively that combine to create a yearbook that captures the memories of our school year.

Flag Football

Our Flag Football teach competed in the Kingdom of the Sun local middle school league. The season runs August to October.

Multicultural Club

This group meets to learn about other cultures around the world. Customs and cuisine will be discovered throughout their journey together.

Book Club

Book clubs help students enjoy reading by providing a fun place to explore stories and share ideas. They encourage friendships and teamwork, helping students connect with others and learn new things through books.

Fireflies: Our Three Year Olds

Our preschool begins with our youngest students in our Firefly program. Your three year-old may be enrolled on or after their third birthday, anytime during our school year. This class has an emphasis on social/emotional learning while developing early literacy and math skills, as well as fine and large motor skills. All learning is shared within a Biblical point-of-view. Weekly Bible lessons tie into our weekly Chapel on Fridays.

All teachers meet or exceed education and certification standards for preschool.

Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK)

GraceWay participates in the Florida Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten (VPK) program. In this program, the State of Florida pays student tuition assuming that attendance requirements have been met.

Our VPK students pick up where the Fireflies left off. Additional emphasis is on early literacy, especially phonemic awareness, so that your child is ready to read in Kindergarten. Students who are already reading will be encouraged to continue developing those skills.

Our curriculum is grounded in biblical truths that are woven throughout your child’s school day. VPK students experience a weekly Bible lesson as well as Spanish. Their Bible lesson ties into our weekly Chapel message, enabling students to participate in Chapel. Additionally, every three weeks students visit Grace Presbyterian’s on-site library where they enjoy selecting their own book to check out and share with their friends in the classroom.

All teachers meet or exceed required education and certification standards for VPK.

Kindergarten Through 8th Grade

Our students enjoy co-curricular classes such as Art, Physical Education, Music, Bible, and Spanish. Family Chapel is held on Friday mornings.

GraceWay uses such curriculum publishers as BJU Press, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Pearson,  and Scholastic, as well as smaller publishers. Curriculum varies between grade levels; specific questions can be answered during your educational consultation.

Students can participate in field trips throughout the year that support in-class learning. Typically three or four field trips are scheduled; students not able to participate can remain at school with a teacher.

With God’s Word as the foundation for all that we do, how can we separate Him from the learning process? We can’t! At GraceWay Academy, your students will learn through the lens of a biblical worldview, where their natural curiosity will be used to form them in God’s image while developing their minds through rigorous academics. The importance of life skills can’t be ignored here either. The development of resiliency and grit are fundamental to your child’s lifelong success.

Students in Kindergarten and above wear school uniforms. As a courtesy to families, costs are kept low by allowing uniform pieces to be purchased at local and online retailers and then embroidered at local shops with our logo.

Our teachers meet or exceed education and certification requirements as set forth by the League of Christian Schools, FLDOE and Florida scholarship grantors.

Before & After Care

We understand that families are busy and may need additional care for their children outside of regular school hours.

Before Care is available for all students beginning at 7:30 am.

After Care is available for all students until 5:30 pm. Preschoolers must be potty trained to stay for after care.

Daily or weekly drop-in rates are available.

Full-year before and after care agreements are available with a discount.

Fine Arts: Music

Early exposure to music is not only enjoyable, but helps children in the classroom, too. Building on the love of music that began in our early learning music experiences where music and movement were combined, students in kindergarten and above switch to a class format that also includes theory and appreciation. This is done as an interactive experience that engages the whole child. At our various parent programs throughout the year, our students present different prepared choral pieces as an offering to God.

Fine Arts: Visual Arts

In Visual Arts classes, our students explore with a mix of product and process art. A variety of artistic techniques are used to develop their skills and appreciation of the visual arts through the use of different mediums such as tempera, watercolors, Papier Mache, oil pastels, pencil, and markers. Famous artists and their methods are explored as well. 3D projects are also created with traditional mediums as well as items found in nature to encourage students to think outside of the box with their creativity.

Foreign Language: Spanish

There is significant benefit to early development of a second language in children. At GraceWay Academy, children learn the Spanish language from a qualified language instructor. We begin with early vocabulary building in kindergarten and progress to verb conjugation and conversation in the upper grades. Our students learn to speak, read, and write in Spanish.

Physical Education

To encourage an active lifestyle, our students participate in traditional physical education activities. This class teaches basic sports skills as well as good sportsmanship through participation in kickball, basketball, softball, and similar sports. In calisthenics, the use of your own body weight for exercise, the students engage in strengthening and flexibility exercises. Physical fitness is discussed as a way that we honor God with the gift of a healthy body.

Bible & Family Chapel

In Bible class students learn about their Creator through weekly interactive, hands-on retelling of the biblical story. In our younger grades, each weekly lesson ties into the chapel message as well.

All of our students attend chapel in the Grace Presbyterian Church sanctuary where they learn to worship their Heavenly Father as we are all called to do. Generally, this time includes music and a message. This early experience in chapel is an important part of developing their Christian faith. We invite our families to join us for weekly chapel at 9:05 am on Fridays.

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