Why Private School?

Growing up in a small Pennsylvania town, I didn’t know anyone who went to private school.  There were only two private schools that I was aware of.  And there certainly wasn’t a state-organized effort to obtain scholarships that provide equitable opportunities for all students, like we have in Florida today. ...

Christmas Traditions

Your kids’ brains are wired for routine.  It brings them comfort knowing what’s coming next.  We don’t always think of family traditions as routines, but they are.  What are your family’s Christmas traditions?  Do you decorate a tree together?  Do you hang wreaths or put out a nativity scene?  My...

New GraceWay Academy Website!

GraceWay Academy has revamped its website to better communicate with our students and parents. Please take a look around. Come back often and check out the news tab as this is where we will post some the exciting things happening now and in the future at GraceWay Academy.