Why GraceWay?

GraceWay Academy is made better by our loving and supportive families. We enjoy the partnership we have with them, and recognize that we can’t do this without them.

But what is it about GraceWay that keeps them at our school?  Their comments are shared below.

GraceWay has been a blessing to our family. Our children have thrived with being in a loving, Christian environment with teachers who understand their needs emotionally and academically. We can never thank God or GraceWay enough for the love they have shown our children and family. – Megan M.

Absolutely amazing school. We love the fact that what is taught at home is reinforced at school. So blessed to have found GraceWay. – Callen S.

From the small, intimate classroom sizes to the warm, friendly staff, it is very easy to feel at home and among family at GraceWay. We treasure the personal relationships we have developed over the years and we find comfort in knowing that GraceWay provides our child with a strong foundation in faith, and the encouragement to seek a personal relationship with Christ. – Laci S.

I’m a GraceWay parent who has nothing but good things to say from our experience over the last 3 years. Mrs. Baluyot and the rest of the staff have worked hard to go above and beyond for the students and their families. We adore the teachers and we are so thankful for the safe, loving, and God-embraced environment that our children are welcomed into on a daily basis. I’m proud to say this will be the only school our children will attend through their elementary and middle school years. – Jennifer L.

My daughter began at Graceway with VPK and we just fell in love with the school. There are so many wonderful things about Graceway. The teachers and staff are all caring people. Anytime you walk into the school you are greeted by smiling faces, and it is such a warm, safe, and welcoming environment.

I love the small class sizes. It really gives time for the teachers to get to know the students on an individual basis and they are able to build a strong learning foundation for each child. My daughter always has exciting things to tell me about school each day when she comes home.

And most of all I love the faith base of the school. I love hearing the biblical knowledge that the kids learn, and it makes me so happy knowing that while she is learning math, science and reading, she is also able to grow in her walk with Jesus at school. – Michelle M.

As a parent we have many options for our child’s education, many more than ever before. We have chosen GraceWay Academy for so many reasons. The staff and faculty are supportive, caring, and have a true heart to serve the children in our community. Everyone is kind and knowledgeable.

When I think about what makes our little school different, there so many examples but here are just a few. Every day I drop my daughter off and watch the elementary school kids play with their physical education teacher. As many of us might remember, kids are not always nice to each other but here it GraceWay, instead of having issues with bullying and cliques, all of the children stand cheering for their classmates as they get faster and faster with their sprints. It struck me one morning that everyone in the group was cheering loudly and with love and support for their classmates. It made me so grateful that I have found this school.

Not only is the school centered on Christian beliefs and a strong academic cornerstone, every aspect of the child’s education is based on Biblical truth. The children are supported, guided, and educated with respect and love. Choosing your child’s school is one of the most important decisions that a parent can make, and I am so grateful that God has brought our family to GraceWay Academy. – Amanda T