Frequently Asked Questions


Arrival: 8:30am

Dismissal: 12:00pm

Kindergarten and Above:

Arrival: 7:45am-8:00am

Dismissal: 2:00pm-2:15pm

Before Care:  Opens at 7:30am

After Care: Ends at 5:30pm

Summer Office Hours:

Monday – Thursday, 8:00am-2:00pm

New families will complete the FACTS link under the Admissions sectino of the website and  meet with our principal.  Potential students will participate in GraceWay for a Day, a one or two day visitation on campus, and a brief assessment to determine their reading, writing, and math competency.  Please see About Us: Admissions.

Open enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year is open January 22, 2024.  Applications are then accepted through rolling admissions on a space-available basis. Educational consultations can be scheduled anytime.  Our annual Art Show and Open House in the winter is a great event for new and returning families to attend.

Yes!  There are many options for most families via Florida scholarship programs.  GraceWay also offers in-house partial scholarship opportunities. Please see our About Us: Admissions page.

We enjoy the benefits of being a ministry of our affiliated church, Grace Presbyterian Church, which is part of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA).  Our school families are active in various Bible-based churches in Ocala.  See About Us: Our Beliefs for more info.

Our Mission is: Preparing students for academic success while glorifying God through faith in action.  One way that we live out our faith is to share it with others that they may come to love Jesus, too, and accept Him as their savior.  Developing and strengthening our students’ faith is one of our favorite aspects of life at our school.

Our teachers integrate a biblical worldview into their teaching and make the most of teachable moments to help students connect the Bible to real life.  All students have Bible class as a part of the curriculum.  Family Chapel for all students is held each Friday.

See Programs: Preschool, Programs: Elementary, or Programs: Middle School.

Programs offered are based on interest and minimum participation.  For a small school, we have a robust offering of extra curriculars.  See Programs: Extra Curricular Programs.

The double-edged sword of standardized testing.  Schools that don’t use standardized testing have no idea how their students are growing compared to their regional and national peers.  However, it is possible to over focus on standardized tests.  At GraceWay, we test beginning in third grade as required by scholarship grantors and our accreditation.  Test scores are used along side classroom grades and observations of learning behaviors to form the big picture of our students’ progress.  We use MAP, Measures of Academic Progress, from NWEA.

Many families struggle to keep a balance in terms of how much technology their children are exposed to in today’s culture.   We want technology to be meaningful and engaging – not just one or the other.  Our students use technology in increasing increments as they grow older.  Our youngest students may use a paint program to draw on a computer or the teacher may look up more information on a tablet about an animal they learned about that day.  Our oldest students use laptops or Chromebooks for Google Classroom, math and grammar apps, to take book quizzes, and to create audio/visual presentations.  Students in between have access to tablets and Chromebooks for age-appropriate learning applications.  All kindergarten through middle school classes have SmartBoards for teacher and student use.

We are called by God to serve others.  We view our work with our students as a service to God, and we want to encourage that spirit in them as well.  Every year we have service projects such as caroling at assisted living residences, conducting food or toiletry drives for The Genesis 7 Project, dry goods drives for a local foster parent organization, Operation Christmas Child, write letters to service men and women, and various supply drives for hurricane victims.

Preschool:  Please read with your child daily.  This is an important part of their kindergarten readiness.

Kindergarten: Please read with your child daily.  As their reading skills develop, they can read to you, or you can alternate who reads.  Kinders may also have brief math practice or an occasional take-home project that may need minimal parent assistance in gathering materials or setting a time/place to work.

First through Fifth Grades: Your student should be reading every night according to the minimums set by their teacher.  There should be brief math practice as well.  Occasional take-home projects may be assigned that only need minimal parent assistance in gathering materials and setting a time/place to work.  Younger students may need you to read through the directions with them.  Older students may have literature or thematic studies to complete at home.  Classwork not finished at school may be sent home to be completed for submission.

Middle School: As we prepare for high school, homework throughout middle school will increase to build stamina towards high school.  Sixth graders will begin the year with homework similar to fifth grade and increase throughout the year to include more reading and writing especially in science and social studies. Classwork not finished at school may be sent home to be completed for submission.