Christmas Traditions

Your kids’ brains are wired for routine.  It brings them comfort knowing what’s coming next.  We don’t always think of family traditions as routines, but they are.  What are your family’s Christmas traditions?  Do you decorate a tree together?  Do you hang wreaths or put out a nativity scene?  My husband and kids decorate the outside of our house with lights and various displays.  And while the electric bill goes up a tad bit, even my adult brain looks forward to this “routine” we call tradition.  There have certainly been years that we have been extra tired or busy and considered not following through on some of our traditions.  But the kids are getting older and I find myself thinking of what they will remember about their childhood.  It’s easy to get caught up in the busyness and forget about the value of the repeated, small moments for our kids.   I’m guilty.  Just as repeated reading and math practice will encourage those skills to stick for our kids academically, our repeated family traditions will get stuck in our children’s memories, giving them a lifetime of warmth for when the world seems cold.  Merry Christmas and enjoy your break from the school routine!