Extra Curricular Programs

Student Council

Students will gain experience in the election process as they campaign for positions and hold elections to select leaders.  Class representatives and elected leaders will  learn about communicating with their constituents regarding aspects of campus life and leading projects to benefit all students.

Art Club

In Art Club students will have the opportunity to explore special mediums that may not be practical during a regular art class. This time allows students more time to develop their talent for visual arts under the guidance of our art teacher. Art Club meets for ten weekly sessions per semester in two age groups.


Students will engage in a wide range of drills, skills and games  to help develop each student’s skill level and fun in the game of basketball.  Two short semester sessions may be offered.


Enroll your upper school student in an after school soccer clinic. Students will focus on specific skill building, culminating in a tournament at the end of the year. The clinic will run 10-12 weekly sessions per semester.


Like 4‑H programs around the country, students complete hands-on projects in areas like health, science, agriculture and civic engagement with guidance from our adult mentors and are encouraged to take on proactive leadership roles.


Our chorus club meets weekly and is a great choice for students who love to sing and desire to grow their talents.

Yearbook Club

Yearbook Club gives students experience in print media publishing.  This group will work toward the completion of the yearbook throughout the school year.  Students will gain experience in photography, computer design, and writing creatively that combine to create a yearbook that captures the memories of our school year.

Flag Football

Our Flag Football teach competed in the Kingdom of the Sun local middle school league.  The season runs August to October.

Multicultural Club

This group meets to learn about other cultures around the world.  Customs and cuisine will be discovered throughout their journey together.

Book Club

Our Book Club