P.E. / Tumblefit

Preschool through 2nd Grade


GraceWay Academy offers P.E/Tumblefit with Mrs. Jill Byrd, a licensed, insured and experienced gymnastics instructor. She will teach gymnastics on Mondays and Thursdays, and instruction will be during the regular school day.

The cost for a FULL YEAR of P.E/Tumblefit  lessons is $100 per child. Payment should be made prior to the start of classes in September. (If needed, you may pay half now and half in January). Fees for Elementary children are covered by tuition/activity fees. We are not allowed to charge for VPK children, but we MUST have a signed permission slip for every VPK child.

ALL PARTICIPATION requires a parent to sign and return a permission slip.

If your child is participating in this activity, please SIGN AND RETURN a permission form. All except Elementary and VPK should include payment of $100 to GraceWay Academy. Stop by the office to pick up a registration form or if you have any questions.

There will be a gymnastics presentation for parents scheduled in December and May.

Skills to be taught in P.E/Tumblefit  at GraceWay Academy*

Forward Roll
Backward Roll
Log Roll
Table top – Vseat – Butterfly
Low bar – hang and upper body strengthening
Hop & Skip



3rd & 5th Grades

Moving beyond gymnastics, our older children participate in more traditional physical education activities. This class teaches basic sports skills through participation in kickball, basketball, softball, and similar sports. In calisthenics, the use of your own body weight for exercise, the students engage in strengthening and flexibility exercises.