Preschool through 5th Grade

Nothing impacts your child’s long-term success in school as much as learning to become a strong reader. We want to help foster a love of reading in your child from a young age. Our students enjoy going to the library, and as they grow through our school, they are introduced to different aspects of using a library. Children in the Littles program will have a book selected for them; all other students visit the library themselves.

A few things about Library Day

  • Please return books each time in the labeled Ziploc bag we have provided.
  • If the bag is lost, please replace. (Please, NO slide-lock bags!!!!)
  • With oversized books PLEASE put the bag INSIDE the book.
  • We will be checking books out approximately every 3 weeks. Please check due date.
  • Please leave the current bookmark with your child’s name on it in the bag to return.
  • Any lost or damaged books must be paid for before your child will be allowed to check out a new book.
  • Return books to the “Library Book Return Box” in the hallway.